Great delay, beautiful sound great usability.

It's very tight with battery in a 1960B enclosure, you need to be mm perfect, but it fits.

I used a BB OPA2134 for the in/out stages and used 560R/100k resistors in place of the trimmer. I also used a J113 with the 470nF C17 cap "tails mod" instead of true bypass, using one switch column for the FET and one for the LED. The OPA2134 is probably above what most people would use but there's no sacrifice by eliminating the true bypass.

With the Tails mod, I'm considering adding a momentary pushbutton to 'reset' the repeats to 0 which is a way to cancel the tails.

Great circuit and pedal, love it.
Date Added: 01/07/2020 by Adian A.